Month: December 2018

10 bbl Brite Tank

A new 10-barrel (310 gallon) brite tank was purchased and picked up from Practical Fusion in Portland on Thursday (13 December 2018). We loaded it into the bed of my pickup and I drove it back to Baker City. Fortunately, there was little to no snow on the roads, so the drive was uneventful (although I-84 ended up closing the next day due to high winds and poor visibility: crisis avoided!). Hauling a large, top-heavy tank was a bit nerve-wracking, so I was happy to not have any added obstacles.

This is probably the biggest equipment purchase for starting up the cidery. A brite tank is basically a large pressurized vessel for adding CO2 to the finished cider prior to packaging (e.g., bottling or kegging). A couple of instructional documents on how they are operated are here and here. I previously had a smaller brite tank (1 bbl) that was used in my basement for R&D, so this one is a nice step up.